壁中の能楽 Nou in the wall

[ 壁中の能楽 Nou in the wall ]


 『Noh in the wall 』

In this work,i  took up "Noh dance " as one important part of the life work Inside of Japan / Nippon's Mind (Japan's spiritual foundation)』and photographed the Noh stage in Kyoto Kanze theatre, the base theatre of Noh Kanze-Ryu group for about two years & I captured the citadel of 30 programs.
This is the work that captured the present Noh Dance from my point of view as a photographer, about the theme of the seemingly contradictory one of "pursuit of tradition and pursuit of evolution" which is the fate of traditional arts.Also, this is the record of Noh dancers trying to seek change in its despicable beauty and tradition. 
This is the work
which questions next to the viewer.As my creativity, I compared the hundreds of year’s "tradition inheritance" to "mural painting" and ask to the viewer “should they immobilize it in the mural paintings? Should it shed from there and take a new step?” 
I used the technique (P + R) photography & it is extremely painterly, pursuing "artistic in one piece of photograph".I tried finishing like a mural that remains rich in color but remains decayed because it is left behind & got old.

<Work name『Shirahige』:Rumanian Photo Contest [Pro ARAD]Ribbon Prize>
<Work name 『Create no.1』:Japan Photographers Association (JPA) Exhibition acccepted >
<Work name 『Ryujo』:Hyogo Photo Contest accepted> 

 日本の精神基盤 Inside of Japan/Nippon's  Mind

[ 日本の精神基盤 Inside of Japan/Nippon's Mind ]


                     [ Inside of Japan/Nippon's  Mind ]~2012 Paris Exhibition Work

                                       The world of Japanese Culture  

The "[ Inside of Japan/Nippon's  Mind ]" project, photographs the everyday and unusual aspects of Japanese culture, and records the psychological foundation.The foundation of the Japanese mind, has been continuously passed down from generation to generation.My intention is to present my
work in Japan and outside of Japan.   

 Issues concerning the "Psychological decay" among modern humans.
 Why? How did it come to be that parents murder their children and the children murder their parents?
 How do we live? Where do we belong?
 How do we prevent the collapse of a cooperative Society?

  Here is a narrative from a priest.

There is a funny story about a duck raised by a chicken.  As soon as the duck hatched from its egg shell, it jumped into a near by river.  Surprised by this, the chicken jumped into the river.It is said that this behavior is instinctive for a duck.To the contrary, long ago they found two human sisters who had been raised by wolves.  They could not communicate with words and their understanding of the world and their personalities completely resembled those of  the wolves.  The only thing about them that was human were that when one of the sisters died, the other shed a tear.From the aforementioned stories,we can see that the human mind is a blank slate and that we can imagine how personalities can be altered by the way of early psychological influences.A duck who was raised by a chicken stays a duck, but a human being raised by a wolf resembled a wolf.  This makes us wonder which is the higher animal?  
In the current society, we are being trifled by trying to understand these machines which have greater ability than the normal human being.  The modern human mind has been formed by bit-decision making (information gather via the internet, with no critical thinking being done by the individual), thus they have little room to engage in basic human abilities, such as love, humanity, shame, respect, reminiscence, sympathy and etc.  In all, one-way mass information ushes humans into this overflow of information and distances humans form basic communication, connection and exchange.  I feel that the information (love included) that the parents pass down to their children are only one piece of this massive information. Humans cannot be like a duck, we have to be raised with love.  However, humans who have been raised by a machine will be a machine and their mind will be ruined.    
How to deal with today's psychological decay?  
What is the message from the various traditions of Japanese society? (which are the bedrock of Japanese Psychology) 
In addition, what do researchers, practitioners and people who carry these tradition think about this modern decay, what are they attempting to tell us about these troubling times. 
Are they on-lookers? Are they participants?  

First I want to capture these questions, and record it. This will allow us to explore where  the focal point should be for our dialogue exchange.   
Photograph items 
Buddism, Shinto, Kendo, Judo, Kyuudou(Japanese archery), Kabuki, Noh-kabuki, Joruri, Ukiyoe, Nihon-buyou(dance), Sa-dou.

日本選挙物語 Japan Election Story

[ 日本選挙物語 Japan Election Story ]


  出版日 2014年5月1日 
  出版社 新屋写真事務所
  概要   225x297mm   150P  ¥5,000 /冊 (消費税別)

連絡先 〒659-0053 芦屋市松浜町9-2 新屋写真事務所 代表者 新屋 進 tel 0797 32 3196 & 090 8388 4649  susumudeshinya@snow.plala.or.jp         


大阪アメリカ村物語 Osaka American village Story1

[ 大阪アメリカ村物語 Osaka American village Story1 ]


Photobook[ Osaka American village story] publication

      Publication day  2014.05.01
     Publisher Shinya Photographers Office
     overview  210x165mm 105P   ¥2,000 (tax 8%)

 Contact 〒659-0053  9-2 Matsuhamacho Ashiya Hyogo Japan
Shinya Photographers Office  tel 0797 32 3196 & 090 8388 4649  susumudeshinya@snow.plala.or.jp

Encounter with artists
If I drive my car in Midosuji street to the direction of Namba & break to right after passing the Shinsaibashi Daimaru , a police box and a triangular park are visible to the front.
When I pass them on the left side, and pass Statue of Liberty over the upper right of my head,I can find the highway entrance after passing through the bottom of the Hanshin high way and right-breaks immediately.Once upon a time,I have memories which I went back to my house,passing through American Village like this so often.The area surrounded by – Sennichimae street & Nagahori street at east and west , Midosuji and Yotsubashisuji,on north and south , centering on this triangular park , is called the Osaka American  Village.It is said that in 1969 ,Café[Loop] was opened in this area where had only  warehouses and  housees, and surfer, creator, designer,musician, the comedian started to gather there.A tour called [Bugaja-American summer camp] to stay for one month in America was carried out, and  some of the members started a secondhand clothes store, the Old record shop, the American buying jeans shop ,so-called” Small business “.They opened their shops around & near this triangle park. This is said to be the origin of this American village.40 several years have passed and this Osaka American village is not like Tokyo, not like Kyoto and not like Kobe, is in Osaka but not like Osaka.They bring about very special American village air (fashion culture) feelings.They accept of the air from the outside freely, digests them not simple secondhand information and to the creation of new air .I feel their special American village unique personality in it.Who are the people who create the special unique air feelings? I accept the people who have begun to make the town several years before 40, the people who inherit and regenerate it & the people who accept the culture and the special unique air feelings, the people who watch them & create new air, are making this new American village as a whole one thing.They are all the people of creators, and  the people of appreciation.If we can say “It is the art if Imagination and Communication gather", all people whom I met in this Osaka American village are right artists.                                     


あの冬のパリ (Paris of that winter)

[ あの冬のパリ (Paris of that winter) ]


17:25 on 7th Nov 2008 ,
    I landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport France like a free-falling leaf. 

  It seemed like that I have fallen into the world of "Ann-Don", the cloudy-darkness, of Paris.
  For several ten days, I walked around  the city ,in days &  nights. 

        At Paris in that winter,
        in order to leave
        beautiful light and shadow,
        merely the scenes which change really so quickly. 
        & to leave behind my existence in the photographs. 


二度目のパリ ( Paris la récurrente )

[ 二度目のパリ ( Paris la récurrente ) ]


  [ Paris la récurrente ]~Paris again  
One of the great charms of Paris shooting is the night.
We cannot avoid to get much redness in the image from the light intensity shortage in night shooting. By accepting it, I can recognize that the difference of red (for example, those in Japan) comes into view. While checking the images, I remind a title "Paris is burning" which I heard at somewhere before.



巴里の街角( Paris-Troisième Rêve )

[ 巴里の街角( Paris-Troisième Rêve ) ]


パリのポスター ( Posters in Paris )

[ パリのポスター ( Posters in Paris ) ]


Posters in Paris

            [ Paris-Troisième Rêve ]

(P+R)Photography [ Sunflower to Van Gogh ]

[ (P+R)Photography [ Sunflower to Van Gogh ] ]


 [ Sun flowers to Van Gogh ]  ~ヴァン・ゴッホに捧げるひまわりの花

私にとって”ゴッホのヒマワリ”は非常に印象的名作品である。その昔絵画コレクター の友人から『私は写真は買わない。なぜならゴッホのひまわりを超える写真はないから』 との写真批評を受けこの数年のささやかな挑戦の後、この(P+R)写真技法を開発した。今回は2014年、兵庫県 佐用町のひまわり園で頂いたゴッホとゴーギャンが描いた品種のヒマワリを用いた作品。 
        <これは  Pinhole lenzとRegular lenz  の組み合わせにフィルターワークを加えた技法>
                                   申し込み先 新屋写真事務所 Mail : susumudeshinya@snow.plala.or.jpまで

(P+R)Photography [ Fruits & Vase ] 

[ (P+R)Photography [ Fruits & Vase ]  ]


P+R Photographs~Digital Pinhole+Regular renz

暗黒の プラハ Dark Prague

[ 暗黒の プラハ Dark Prague ]


It was midnight when I arrived at this town by a train from Paris.

a  dark town it is.

巴里の路地裏(Paris Back alley )

[ 巴里の路地裏(Paris Back alley ) ]


"Paris back alley "

I have been visiting Paris for several years on every November .& photographing back alley in the night “the essence of Paris photography”.When the afternoon rain stopped & the street light began to light up the streets, I went around near the mid night .The light of the streetlight splashes on the wet stone's road surface, softening the brightness and making the darkness even deeper.The night wind of November is somewhat cold, but blows off the dirt behind the alley and makes my heart comfortable. In this 4 or 5 hour without talking to anyone, & by walking around the back street without seeing anybody, my mind quiets gradually &  I feel the illusion that the other side of the darkness will be visible. It can be like the zen meditation of a monk.When I got a bit tired, the music from the earphone is the source of my energy. Nakajima Miyuki's song is called "cuddling wind", and it fits snugly to the heartfelt feeling of this mind.With setting “Repeat one song “and I listen the song dozens of times and it will come into my mind like a quiet Chanson and let my heart calm further."If I am too involved to bother you,I will be just cuddling wind! That's enough, & I will shake your sleeve ...," Her poetry pierced the heart of humanbeing deeply, this time is about serious woman’mind, no man’s?I would be pleased if you feel such my feeling at that time in these works.

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壁中の能楽 Nou in the wall
日本の精神基盤 Inside of Japan/Nippon's Mind
日本選挙物語 Japan Election Story
大阪アメリカ村物語 Osaka American village Story1
あの冬のパリ (Paris of that winter)
二度目のパリ ( Paris la récurrente )
巴里の街角( Paris-Troisième Rêve )
パリのポスター ( Posters in Paris )
(P+R)Photography [ Sunflower to Van Gogh ]
(P+R)Photography [ Fruits & Vase ] 
暗黒の プラハ Dark Prague
巴里の路地裏(Paris Back alley )
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